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Our New Look...; Become a Member

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs was granted a charter in 1901 with their motto: “We look for unity but unity in diversity.”

We’re honored that you are interested in The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs.  If you want to help make a difference in the lives of others through volunteer opportunities then the WCCS (Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs) is for you!

It’s easy to join:

  • Get to know us by attending at least 2  club meetings or 1 club meeting and 1 WCCS event.

  • Help us get to know you by completing an application.

  • The Board of Directors will vote on your application and you will have an induction ceremony.

  • Pay the annual dues.

WCCS offers 2 meetings per month. The 2nd Wednesday of every month at 2 pm is our daytime general meeting. And for those who work during the day, a more convenient time is the first Wednesday of every month at 5 pm. We call this AFTER 5. Locations are announced prior to the meetings.

For more information on joining, to get an application, or to get a list of upcoming WCCS events, please contact our membership coordinator, Cheryl, at

We look forward to meeting you!