Conservation in the Club

WCCS has two main conservation projects. We are responsible for cleaning a section of the Santa Fe Trail 3-4 times per year. We always have tons of fun being the best darn bag ladies!

September 17, 2022
Making a Difference Nevers Stops

Making a Difference Never Stops

Our second project is with TREX, the deck building company. We recycle plastic sheeting and if we meet our 500 lb goal within 6 months, we are awarded a TREX bench, which we donate to a worthy community location.

WCCS recently earned a 3rd Trex bench by recycling 501.2 pounds of plastic sheeting within a six-month time period January-June 2022. This approved environmental project helps keep plastic out of our landfills. WCCS donated the bench to the Beidleman Nature Center.