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Congratulations! You’ve found The Colorado Springs General Federation Of Women’s Clubs

“The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs”

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We are a club rich in history and tradition, founded on a legacy determined to enhance the present and forge new paths to a better future for our community through volunteer service and fundraising. We embrace all women and encourage a sharing of professional and personal talents.

To accommodate the schedules of today’s women there are two meeting times. Our mid-day group meets at 2:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month at Colorado College, and our After 5 group meets at 5:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month at various venues in town (see AFTER 5).Gallery; WCCS History; Contact Us; Site Map; Hemisphere Charities

For more about The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs see Information and our History.

For more information on The General Federation of Women’s Clubs see GFWC.


The following is a KCME radio interview with WCCS members which gives additional information on how The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs is involved in our community.

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.





4 replies

  1. I found out I had breast cancer on January 8, 2018 after a biopsy, I went to Breast Surgeon Laura Pomerenke of UC Health on January 16, 2018, They gave me two of the pillows your group made for patients like me, these pillows have already been a huge help with reducing the pain from my Biopsy. I will have surgery on Feb 6, 2018 and I know these pillows will really help in my recovery. This is an awesome service you provide and I want to personally thank your group for them. I want to say God bless you all. Thank you again,


    • Sherri, many of us (too many) share something of the trials you are facing. Knowing that we can give you even a small measure of relief is enough to keep us sewing the comfort pillows. Dr. Pomerenke is a wonderful choice for your surgery. We are thinking of you and hoping for an outcome that is uplifting and reassuring. Our best, WCCS


    • Dear Sherri
      Thank you for sending us such a kind and lovely message. It is so nice that the pillows we make could, in a small way, comfort you after your biopsy. I will be praying for you when you have your surgery in February.
      Nancy W
      Proud Member of the Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs


    • Dear Sherri,

      Thank you for your comments on the comfort pillows that we make as a part of the Colorado Springs Woman’s Club. We take great care and pride in making theses pillows because we know women dealing with cancer will be using them. Several of our own members have had breast cancer and have used the pillows. It was really great of you to write to us and let us know of your diagnosis. Your note has been passed to all our members. Sherri, please know you have about 60 women that will be praying for you and sending you positive energy while you go through your treatment. We would love to see and talk to you when you are ready. God Bless you my dear sister.

      Emily U


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