WCCS History


The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs (WCCS) was started in 1902. Lillian Kerr was the 1st President. The club members met in homes but as the membership grew to be over a hundred , they had to meet in churches and halls, such as the YMCA, and Odd Fellows Hall. They referred to themselves as the “Wandering Woman’s Club.”

These ladies divided into groups of ten to earn a certain amount of money. They held dinners, lunches, plays- one woman did washing for $1.00 each! In 1920, they had raised $900 for a down payment on a 2 story house on Platte and Tejon. It was later moved one lot over to make room for the Acacia Hotel, which is still there today.

The house was made into 6 apartments and these industrious ladies cleaned, maintained, and rented these apartments. In 1929, they had paid off the mortgage of $2,900.00. It sold in 1955 for $75,000. The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs was then able to purchase 20 Mesa Road from Colonel and Mrs. Mueller for $37,000. It was remodeled, taking out partitions for the sun room and bedroom. The dining room was added. This brought the price to $50,000.

The remaining money was put into The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs treasurer’s account and invested in perpetuity. The club was allowed to spend the interest the account earned, for the upkeep of the building. The Ways and Means Committee continued the tradition of the wonderful founders by putting on fundraisers. These women helped to start local libraries, and went door to door to persuade voters to purchase the utilities to be run by the City of Colorado Springs. They also worked on Women’s’ Suffrage.

In 2002 the clubhouse was donated to Colorado College . This has resulted in The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs Scholarship Endowment Fund (see SCHOLARS) as well as the club getting to use facilities on the Colorado College campus for meetings and events. The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2003.


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