Making a Difference Never Stops

As restrictions from the pandemic lifted, members of The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs jumped into action.

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Several members of The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs volunteer at Early Connections Learnings Centers, but they are still unable to be on site while the children are present. Our members miss the children and want to continue to help however they can.

In October 2020, to help relieve stress, the teachers at Early Connections Learning Centers requested Calm-Down-Kits for their classrooms. Club members collected the needed items and a few gathered to assemble the kits.

Once the kits were assembled they were packed up and delivered to Early Connections Learning Centers. These kits are designed to provide multi-sensory stimulation to help the children calm down when they are stressed.

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs is proud to be able to provide such worthwhile items to Early Connections Learning Centers.

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On one of the rare warm days in April 2021, WCCS members came together to clean up the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail.

Keeping our trails clean makes being outdoors more enjoyable for everyone. Our members take this to heart each time they clean up their portion of the city’s walking trails.

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Children’s Hospital’s Safe Kids presented their Safe House at the Widefield Family Health and Fitness Day, which was held at Widefield Parks and Recreation on June 12, 2021.

Showing children and parents everyday household hazards and how to avoid accidents is a message that WCCS members take seriously. Of course they had fun interacting with the families as well!

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The Place is a local non-profit that The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs After 5 supports. On July 15, 2021 The Place held its Off the Street Breakfast fundraiser.

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs is proud to support The Place’s mission of igniting the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined, fulfilled lives.

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As part of the Colorado Springs Sesquicentennial Festival women, dressed as suffragettes, marched in the sesquicentennial parade on July 31, 2021.

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs was honored by the city when they invited a representative of WCCS to participate in the parade as one of the suffragettes.

Our club is proud to recognize our foremothers who, 100 years ago, fought so diligently to secure the right to vote for all women!

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