Triple T Party – A Huge Success!!!

On June 6, 2018 over 90 WCCS members and guests gathered at Little London Market…

Slide 18

donning tiaras

to shop,

Slide 6.jpg


try signature (mar)tinis,

Slide 9


play games,

Slide 13.jpg

and win prizes, all for a good cause.

Slide 14.jpg

Everyone attending brought in a box of feminine hygiene products.

Slide 15

The drive garnered 6,410 products

Slide 16

which were distributed to

A Kidz Hope

Partners in Housing


Urban Peak

Women’s Resource Agency

Slide 17.jpg

The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs would like to thank everyone

Slide 1 & 19

who made this event such a FUN and FRUITFUL one!


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