August After 5 meeting

After 5

After 5 meeting at The Warehouse

Join us as we “socialize with a purpose” at our After 5 meeting. Meet new friends, network and learn how THE WOMAN’S CLUB OF COLORADO SPRINGS is involved in our community.

August 2nd at The Warehouse, 25 W. Cimmaron St., from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

To ensure there is enough seating please RSVP to Robin D. at

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  1. Our After 5 meeting on Oct. 4th is from 5 to 6:30PM at The Warehouse.
    5-5:30 is social time
    5:30 to 6 PM WCCS news and updates
    6 PM Molly Merry is our speaker. Molly along with Linda Johnson are the authors of the book Ivywild: the treasured History of a neighborhood. They spent over a year researching the history of the Ivywild neighborhood in Colorado Springs. The history of Ivywild reaches beyond the interest of the neighborhood, it is an example of the richness of American life! The book is about more than the past. It is about history as a continuing journey, one of renewal and revitalization built on preservation.
    The goal is to sell the book to support the neighborhood organization Ivywild Improvement Society (founded n 1898!), a non-profit that works to support our neighbors.
    Books will be on hand for purchase or donation.


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