Happy Birthday GFWC!

I am living the volunteer spirit

On April 24th women’s clubs around the world celebrate Federation Day, which marks the day in 1890 when 63 clubs came together to form the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Since then GFWC has grown to over 3,000 clubs worldwide. The Woman’s Club of Colorado Springs has been a proud member of the GFWC since 1902.

During the last 127 years club-women have helped establish the eight-hour workday, started 75% of our nation’s public libraries, advocated for pure food and drug laws, and much more. Today club-women celebrate these achievements and honor the legacy of the GFWC founders by Living the Volunteer Spirit every day.

To learn more about the General Federation of Women’s Clubs visit their website at GFWC.org.

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