Word Scramble – Solved

bunco-flyer-outside-2Instructions: Re-arrange the 5 letters shown to discover a word that means FUN in any language!








WCCS is happy to report a banner turnout for our annual Bunco party which took place on Feb. 7, 2017.



A sunny social climate prevailed as 23 members and 18 guests (potential members) met, chatted, and dined together on a luscious assortment of homemade salads and desserts.


Things got “serious” after lunch when 40 seasoned, savvy women teamed up to roll the dice through three rounds of Bunco. 

We never did figure out if we were all playing by the same rules, but no matter—there was latitude and laughter aplenty to help smooth out the bumps! 


Five high rollers took home the winners’ gifts,  but the main prize was shared by all—a play day, a getting-to-know-you day, and a service day rolled into one fun-filled affair.


In just one get-together, WCCS club members and friends collected 284 household and personal items for Partners in Housing.  Donating these basic necessities is one simple, but effective way in which we can help program partners make ends meet on a very tight budget.

All would agree, Bunco and Beyond was a win/win experience for everyone involved.  And, since that kind of experience bears repeating, we are already looking ahead to Bunco 2018 for more fun and games!

Submitted by Diana B.

Check out our pictures from the 2016 Bunco party by clicking here.


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